Write Your Script!

Are you struggling to write or finish your screenplay or pilot? I can help you through what is often a confusing and frustrating process. When we doubt ourselves or think we’re unworthy we quit the process.

Finish your script with me and discover the possibilities.

How can you help me write my script?

I am an award-winning scriptwriter, producer, and journalist. My scripts have been recognized by the Austin Film Festival, Stage 32, and Screencraft. As a producer for PBS my work has also been seen nationally. With 25 years experience writing stories for television news, broadcast television, and indie film, I can help you tell your story so you are fully prepared for your next professional step.

How does scriptwriting and coaching work with you?

The program is 6-months and we meet bi-weekly for 50 minutes via zoom. In that time we will complete your feature, your pilot, or rework one of your current pieces. To keep you on track you are asked to have 10 pages written before each zoom session. We will review the pages and make any changes. We’ll talk about where your story is headed, structure, characters, story arc, and other structural techniques. Each script should be strong and intriguing, whether it’s a comedy or drama. We’ll ensure you hit all the marks for a tight script that is ready to produce on your own or share with producers. I am accessible via email to answer questions in-between our zoom sessions. 

What is your experience as a writing coach?

Over the years I’ve helped dozens and dozens of authors and screenwriters finish their books and scripts. I’m also a certified coach through Robbins-Madanes and spent several years as a business coach. It takes passion and discipline to complete a creative project like the one you have, and with an equally passionate coach, the finish line isn’t as daunting.

What is the next step after the script is complete?

Every writer is at a different point in their writing career. We’ll discuss where you are and what your goals are. During the coaching, we’ll roadmap your next steps so you can either get your script in front of a potential manager or producer, or have it polished and ready for you to produce.

How much does it cost?

The entire 6 month program is $1500 ($125 per session paid monthly in advance). If you pay the entire 6-months up front with cash, the program cost is $1350. 

What can I expect?

As with anything in life, you get what you put in. I know I’ll be giving you 150 percent of me, so if you can do the same you’ll end up with a great script and more knowledge as you move forward with your next one. 

How do I get started?

Let’s chat! Email is lovely, but if you’re ready to do this, we should hop on the phone so I can find out where you are in this journey. I need to know what your goals are so we can create a plan. Sessions are evening only. (EST) 315-753-2134