Personal Coaching

As a certified Robbins-Madanes coach for over 10 years, I’ve helped women move to become the very best versions of themselves both as entrepreneurs and as women looking to emerge into a brand new version of themselves. Today I focus on mid-life career and relationship shifts so you can take your voice back and live life as the very best version of you. (Unapologetically, of course!)

How can you help me overcome my fears to start a new chapter?

Mindset is everything. You can stare at a river of crocodiles and decide you’re not going to cross the river based on your thoughts and fears, or you can change your perspective and tackle those crocs so you can get to the other side. And if you’re not a fan of wrestling crocs — good news! There’s always a way across that leaves you unscathed, yet fully empowered.

What if I already have a business and I’m struggling to get clients?

Well then, you’ve come to the right place! One of the biggest fears we have is asking for our worth. We tend to undercut our prices or ask for less, thinking potential clients will run away. You and I will dig deep into shifting those beliefs while practicing methods that give you confidence while feeling empowered. Confidence sells every time. If you’re selling coaching packages, for example, for $3000 for 6 months, we’ll have you in a place where you double or tripe that ask.

I don’t have a business. I just feel stuck in my current life and want out.

I feel you. Thousands of women across the world stay in unhappy marriages, mindless jobs, and toxic relationships thinking that’s all there is. But that’s simply not true. If you’re looking to up level your life, you’ve got to start by changing your story. Nothing is impossible. Nothing. We tap into the old programming that has you stuck, and rewire those thoughts to bring you to a place where you start taking massive, life changing actions.

How do we begin?

We start with a 20 minute phone call to pinpoint what you want to shift. Thanks to my training, I am a well seasoned coach, and have worked with women on revamping their life, business, and mindset. What’s more, I’ve worked with coaches myself (as a client) to keep my skills sharp while harnessing new techniques. I’ve been trained to shift conversations around money, love, and self-love; the three things we always want to see more of. Call me at 315-753-2134 or email me at [email protected] and let’s get started!

Great. What does it cost?

I do 6-month coaching packages that are bi-weekly. Twice a month for 50-minutes, we meet via phone or Zoom. Cost varies on need and focus, and can be determined with a free consultation phone call.

Can I buy one session?

You can, sure! I call these “Boosters.” For $150 (60 minutes), we hash out a solution to your issue. Sometimes women need someone to talk to to gain actionable feedback that they can apply immediately to their problem. Clients that nab this option leave the call feeling empowered and armed with tools to use with family, friends, or partners. These calls aren’t always comfortable, as we may discover fairly quickly that your very own resistance is stunting your growth. But we will boost you through it so you can move on and see results fairly quickly.